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Monday, May 2, 2016

Clay Fish created by 1st grade

My first grade artists were so excited to work with clay again. As kinders last year, I had introduced them to making coils. This year I taught them to make slabs and reviewed coil making. They worked on practicing their skills in attaching clay by using a score and slip method.

Each grade level of artists were making animals out of clay. I took a riff of of my favorite art ed guru Cassie Stephens and had my firsties make fish. She has a lot of neat ideas on teaching clay to kids. Next year I'm going to take her cue on using toothbrushes and water to work attached clay pieces rather than my method of using skewers and having them mark "X"s on the pieces of clay they are connecting. Sometimes they didn't go deep enough or add slip so their fish features slid off once the clay dried out. happens.

Since I only had enough $$ in my budget to glaze half of my classes this year my younger artists finished their pieces with tempera paint. 

Most kids were really successful and all had a great time. Here are some of our results!

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