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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Dream Catcher Woven CDs in 4th Grade

The fourth grade artists have learned to weave in a radial pattern. They learned that weaving in a circle creates radial symmetry.

We began by learning about how to warp a round loom using recycled CDs. I shared my demonstration video from my Youtube Channel as I worked with the students in preparing to weave.

Once they had an odd number of warps. They got to weaving!

I instructed the students to beware of the "garden hose" mistake. This is when weavers accidentally miss a warp or have an even number of warps and the weaving pattern is the same row after row. The weave begins to look like a coiled up garden hose rather than a opposite tabby weave.

As the cd looms were finished, the artists embellished the outer CD edge with sharpie pattern designs and added beaded yarn tassels for the dream catcher effect.

I love how each one is different but show their understanding of the proper weaving technique.
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