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Monday, December 5, 2016

Epic Tunnel Book Landscapes

Wow, this project was, well....enduring.

It began with our landscape unit of study. I wanted to offer my students a unique creative experience so I had researched ways to create 3D landscapes. My students really love creating 3D (not surprising, it is my favorite too...I really passionate about it). This art making endeavor ended up taking us 6 - 8 classes to complete, from introduction to final rubric assessments.

About 4 classes in, I asked my classes if they were still excited about working on their tunnel books and by and large, everyone was still invested. I was surprised and pleased!

I  am going to try and keep this succinct because I could write essays about the process, and I will, since I'm using this unit for my National Boards portfolio.

Our learning objectives were:
  1.   Create: I created a tunnel book landscape that has background, middle ground, and foreground layers with a horizon.

  2.  Engage & Persist: I developed a clear visual story within my landscape.
  3.  Planning: I considered and tried out a few ideas before and during my art making.
  4.   Develop Craft: I applied new art making methods/techniques as well made connections to my other artwork/experiences. (ex. tunnel book construction, watercolor painting, collage)
Our lesson sequence was:
  • Day 1 - Introduction to key vocabulary with visual examples in art history (google slides), created sketches, and assessed comprehension of landscape vocabulary 
  • Day 2 - Examined our sketches, planned for construction, introduction to construction
  • Day 3 - Created a background for the tunnel book
  • Day 4 - Created and assembled middle ground sections with accordion sides
  • Day 5 - Created foreground and attached viewfinder - assessed works in progress
  • Day 6/7 - Finalized construction, peer reviews
  • Day 8 - Self assessed with co-written rubric (teacher + student input)
 Here are some more the results. I didn't take many process photos because I was so busy chatting with the artists about their work.

These students worked so hard and were so proud of their results. They are displayed in our school's library for everyone to appreciate.

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