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Saturday, October 15, 2016

"Hope" Origami mural created by 5th grade inspired by Mademoiselle Maurice


Since my school is focusing on the theme of "hope" this year, I decided to create some thematic artwork with my students. My 5th grade artists studied the French contemporary street artist, Mademoiselle Maurice. I discovered her on Instagram when searching through street art hashtags. I knew my students would appreciate her art since it was bright, unique, and origami. My kids love origami.

I introduced Mademoiselle Maurice with some videos.

Then I shared with them several examples of her mural work around the world. I asked them to describe her work in each example. They came up with descriptions like colorful, fun, creative, positive, beautiful, unique, and brave. I then asked them if they could figure out how she created her words in her ephemeral street murals. They discovered that placing the edges of the origami forms along the letters edges would create a negative space.

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 Then I showed them a video of her folding an origami bird, which is the form we were going to create for our own murals.

I had sketched the word HOPE on a large piece of craft paper and asked the students to create origami birds to then tape to the contours of the letters.  After the first day this is what we had.

After the 2nd day we had these. The kids seemed proud of their accomplishment and satisfied that they collaborated to create a cool piece of "street art" for their school.


I then displayed their work in the 5th grade wing hallways.

So I shared their work on Instagram and tagged Mademoiselle Maurice, she commented back with this!


I agree, they did a great job! Thanks for stopping by!