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Monday, May 2, 2016

Birds upon coiled clay nests by 4th grade

My 4th grade artists have now had me as an art teacher for 2 years. Each year I am trying to build upon the previous years skill set. In clay, my students learned how to make coil pots last year as 3rd graders. This year, I wanted to challenge them further by teaching them how to hand model clay. I instructed them to build their coil nest first as a review, then they were to create a bird with their remaining clay.

The students learned the difference between greenware, bisqueware, and stoneware since they were getting the opportunity to glaze this year. I had no idea how happy the glaze would make them. They were really amazed how different glaze was from tempera paint and even more astounded at its final look after the 2nd kiln firing.

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