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Monday, May 30, 2016

2nd Grade Manila Jeepneys inspired by Robert Alejandro

What I love so much about the age of the internet is how much access we as educators have to our world teaching community. This year I've followed and learned from some amazing art educators here in the United States. One of which is Don Masse of Shine Brite Zamorano. He taught me that sharing living artists works with my students is a very effective instructional strategy. My kids are engaged in knowing that this particular artist is alive, working, and successful in their field. 

I took a riff off of Don's Jeepney stop motion animation lesson and adapted it for my ipad-less classroom. I designed a guided drawing, painting, and collage lesson instead. We had been studying landscapes in our painting unit, this city scape lesson was super fun!

I began by sharing an interview with the Filipino artist Robert Alejandro who's main message was to create, create, create!

I then showed my students examples of his graphic illustrations of Jeepneys as inspiration for our lesson. They discussed how Alejandro used color and pattern to design his Jeepneys. I also showed them real Jeepneys so they could compare them with buses they've seen in their community.

Their learning objective was to create a colorful, patterned Jeepney inspired by Alejandro's work and then add it to a collage cityscape using neutral colors.

Here are some of their results.

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