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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Kindergarten Paper Form Sculptures

This was a 2 day art experience for my young artists and produced really fun results. I learned that this class was learning about 3-D forms in their classroom, so I thought it natural for them to produce them in a 3-D paper sculptures. I know this class has accelerated art skills, I knew they could handle the technical motor skills required.

We began on the first day reviewing lines and create line patterns on a rectangular paper. I then demonstrated how to bend the paper into a cylinder shape and glue it in place. I then shared how to make cuts on one end of the cylinder to create flaps. I used a flower petal analogy so they understand that these flaps should be the same size, like flower petals. Then then glued these to a base paper. They could make as many as they could in the remaining time we had in class.

The second day I demonstrated how to attach strips of paper into an X and then bend each one to join them together with glue. This would produce a sphere form. They could make as many as them wanted. I also gave them black strips of paper to use for creating attachments. They've already practiced bending, folding and attaching paper in this lesson, Lines That Wiggle.

They had a blast building these sculptures. It was really sweet to watch them help each other and share their engineering ideas. I wish I could have snapped more photos but I was having so much fun talking with them about their creations.

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