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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Aerial Views of Mt. Rainier from a Plane

My 3rd grade artists have been studying landscapes for weeks. They have a solid understanding of foreground, middle ground, background, and horizon lines. I knew introducing aerial landscapes and a bird's (or in this case, plane's) eye view would make sense to them when creating their drawn artworks.  This group of artist were way ahead of the other classes, so we cranked out these beauties in one day.

I began by asking them if they've ever flown in a plane or visited Mt. Rainier. Surprisingly, a lot had!

Next, I shared images of Mt. Rainier, the highest mountain in the Cascade range of the Pacific Northwest as well as our state of Washington. This mountain has a prominent place in our school's landscape. When you exit our school, Mt. Rainier is there, gazing down on you. I knew my students would appreciate illustrating the mountain in this unique way.

Related image

Related image

Then I performed a guided drawing demonstration inspired by the aerial photographs from an airplane. They used colored pencils to finish them.

Some students asked if they could depict Mt. Rainier erupting, since it is a volcano and all, so I said go for it. I left it up to their imagination from there.  Here are some results!

Those are some risk takers right there! Check out the person on the wing!
They were really proud of their results and seemed to enjoy the process.

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