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Friday, April 8, 2016

Straw Loom Weavings by 3rd Grade

The 3rd grade artists went bananas for this method of weaving! They learned how to warp up 4 large drinking straws and weave cuffs, bracelets, bookmarks, and scarves! The method of "drinking" the yarn with a small sip to pull the yarn through the straws made all the kids giggle. Who doesn't love a little silliness in the art process?!

Each artist was instructed to create at least one complete weaving but most made 2 or more! This is a really easy and inexpensive way to weave. It is perfect for long car trips, waiting rooms, or just relaxing at home or outside. Here is how we did it.

Step 1: Students were to wrap tape around the 4 warp strings (yarn) tails to each straw after they "sipped" the string through.

Step 2: Tie an over hand knot with all 4 strings at the bottom below the straw.

Step 3: Cut the first weft and begin weaving the long tail back and forth or over under with the dominate hand while holding the straw loom with the non dominate hand.

Step 4: When the weft is almost done, cut a new weft and repeat the weaving process until the entire straw loom is woven

Step 5: Pull the weaving downward to the bottom know, un-tape the straws, slide them off, and tie another over hand knot at the top of weaving to keep it from unraveling

Step 6: Trim the tails and excess warp string length and enjoy your weaving!

Here are some results!

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