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Sunday, March 13, 2016

"Only One You" - Paper Loom weaving in Kindergarten

Yes, kinders can weave! I began by slowly introducing the concept of weaving with centers and then instructed them in weaving with a paper loom. We read the book "Only One You" by Linda Kranz for visual inspiration.

 The students noticed the bright colors and patterns in the fish designs and then used them in their own drawings on construction paper. They outlined their designs in black marker and practiced their coloring technique with crayon.
The next class we practiced weaving on a big classroom paper loom. They were then instructed to cut out their fish, fold it in half  (taco shape), and cut 4 warps from the folded edge (taco bottom). Then they set to weaving pre-cut paper strips.
The final class they worked in centers again or as I like to call them, "creation stations". At one station, they glued their fish weavings onto blue construction paper and added bubbles with white crayons.

They sculpted fish forms out of modeling clay.
They practiced coloring pre-drawn fish drawings on large paper.

They practiced drawing fish designs on dry-erase boards.

They sculpted a fish with chenille sticks strung with beads and wrapped with yarn.

We had a lot of fun working in so many different modes of creation and I was pleased to see growth in so many skills.

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