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Monday, October 5, 2015

Sketchbooks in Action

These sketchbooks are worth their weight in educational gold! I've had the 3rd graders take notes in them as they learn new techniques and vocabulary. I've been teaching them to to take visual notes during a lesson too; this was and still is a useful strategy for me when I take classes. I've shown them that drawing pictures along with writing text enhances note-making and note-taking and better serve their learning objectives.

I've noticed in the previous year of teaching, intermediate students often would ask me to repeat instructions, re-define vocabulary we've practiced, and were confused if processes were more than two steps. Even if I had it all written on a power point slide or on the board, they often wouldn't retain the information. These sketchbooks have given these children a way to absorb the lesson more deeply.

Today, when I had used our new vocabulary word in a direction, a student raised their hand to ask me what that vocabulary word meant. Even before I could start to ask them to check their notes, they whipped open their sketchbook and said, "Oh, wait! I have it here! I got it!" This was rewarding to me. This kid took ownership over learning that word. My heart jumped for joy!

This photo shows a 3rd grade student using their notes to guide their art making process. I really love seeing those picture notes.

This photo shows 4th grade students working on a painting project. The student in the bottom left had her sketch book open to remind herself to include a variety of lines and shapes in her painting.

These sketchbooks are proving to be a powerful tool in the art room. I know these kids love them and take great care of them. I hope they are inspired to make and take them to their regular classrooms!