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Monday, October 24, 2016

Hope and Peace Monoprints created by 4th Grade

My 4th grade artists learned about the power of visual symbols by examining the big ideas of peace and hope. We discussed how artists use white doves, olive branches, the 2 fingers, and the linear symbol represent these concepts. We determine what peace and hope represent in our lives and why it is important to strive for those things.

After these discussions my students practiced sketching various symbols and chose one to use for their printing design. I then asked them to create a stencil to use for their Gelli-Plate monoprints.

I shared my demonstration video with them all before they created 2 prints using 2 colors.

The next class they added painted details to finalize their designs. We shared out our designs with each other then self assessed. They determined if they successfully communicated the ideas of peace and hope in their prints, successfully created 2 monoprints, and showed good craftsmanship.

We then assembled all of their prints together to create a collaborative single piece for the school's hallway.

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