Thursday, August 25, 2016

New Last Name, Entrance, and School Year

School starts up next week so I've been busy making changes to my room's layout, displays, entrance, and curriculum.  I also had a last name change this Summer. I was married in June and now my new last name is Nettels. I hope my students catch on quickly. I'm sure I'll still get some "Miss Nintzes".

I am sharing an image of my the art room's entryway. I designed it to exhibit my students' art work they give me outside of class. The past couple of years I've taped them to my cabinets but by about mid-year, my cabinet would have layers and layers of student work. It looked, well, unruly. 

I thought it would be great to create a showcase space in the hall to share their work and keep my cabinet nice and tidy. I have a passion for gardening so I created the "Art Garden Gallery" with salon style golden framed walls. I painted the gold frames with various sizes and shapes for a bit of variety.  I even re-purposed the paper flowers I made for my wedding for accents. I hope they kids enjoy it!

Thanks for reading!