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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Baron Batch inspired Reduction prints


Reduction Print is a multi-color print in which the separate colors printed from the same plate at different stages. 

Reduction printmaking with foam plates was a home-run! I want to thank Mr. Stoller at Thomas Elementary Art Blog for the informative and captivating post about relief printing with his 4th grade students. I knew my students needed to learn the foundations of printmaking as most of their only prior knowledge of printing was stamping and computer printing.  I also knew my kids like to be challenged and that they would appreciate a the task of reduction printing.

I began the lesson by introducing a contemporary artist as inspiration. I presented Baron Batch. A former NFL football player and artist. We focused on his "Free Art" street painting examples for our direct influences. I chose his "Elephant" painting as the prime example for animal portraiture.

These were student objectives through the process of creating authentic art inspired by Batch:
  • I asked the students to look through wildlife magazines and choose a photograph of an animal.
  • They had to sketch an animal portrait in their sketchbooks for my review
  • They then drew a contour drawing of their chosen animal
  • Then traced that drawing onto a foam plate 
  • They had to print one color onto a piece of white printing paper
  • The next class they added more details to their animals' faces and traced it onto their plate
  • They cut away (reduction) their animal from the late and inked a 2nd different color 
  • They lined up that foam piece and pressed to print
  • Some students had time to choose one detail to cut away and print a 3rd color 
  • They numbered their editions, wrote titles, and signed their work for our print exchange
Here are some of my Youtube tutorial videos I used for my classroom printing my "Electric Elk"

Here are some of their results.

 These kids were so engaged in the process of printmaking because it was new and they could judge their successes by the quality of their prints. They had choices along the way that allowed for their individual expression and exciting Baron Batch neon colors to use in their designs.

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