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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Winter Wonderland Collaborative Mural

Wonderland mural assembled
As winter break comes to a close I am excited to get back into the art room with the North Star students. Just before break we created a giant winter mural for the hallway outside the art room. The glue and paint was still drying as I hung it in the last minutes before we all left for a much needed holiday. I'm looking forward to seeing the reactions of the school when they come back tomorrow and see their hard work hung in all its wintery glory.

Ready for viewing in the hallway
I must give credit to phenomenal art educator Cassie Stephens, with her version of this mural. I took inspiration from what her students created and felt my classes could produce something similar.

Pieced together the patterned paper

I tasked Kindergarten classes with painting the snowflake sky, Ms. Davis' class with painting the patterned hills and chalk clouds, Ms. Homestead's 4th grade with painting the evergreen trees,  Ms. Attaway's class with producing the houses (big and small/near and far), and Ms. Jump's class plus a couple of my 4th grade helpers with assembly.

Kindergarten painted snowflakes and practiced their brushwork.

4th grade students painted the evergreen trees with 2 values of green.

2nd grade constructed a big and small house for the mural. The made 2 different sizes to show distance with scale.

I'm so proud of their hard work. They were all delighted to be a part of it's creation, I feel like this type of collaborative work gives the students a sense of accomplishment as well as stronger sense of community.

I look forward to more art collaborations! Thanks for stopping by!