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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Warm & Cool colors with Formline Art

One of the 2nd grade teachers, Ms. Attaway, approached me about creating a unique work of art to send to an elementary class in King Cove, Alaska. They had been in correspondence and what better way to connect with others than through visual communication?

Since we were studying form line art with the Raven landscape artworks (see "The Raven" post),  I decided to take the lesson further by asking the students to paint warm or cool striped sunset backgrounds with water color crayons. They then cut and glued their form line drawings on these backgrounds. We added patterns to the black borders by using white colored pencils and form line shapes.

Here are some of the results!

Cool colors with the Raven

Warm colors with the Raven

Another variation with cool colors. I love this border!

The one looks as if it could be singing.

Cool colors with an Orca whale. Look at the detail in that face!

Warm colors with an eagle
I really love how different each artwork turned out and how simple shapes and colors can create powerful images. I'm so proud of these artists for their hard work.

Thanks for stopping by and reading!